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Comparing US and France Company Logos – 20 counterpart logos

The term “company logo” has no identity of its own, but if it is used in a particular country, it adopts the colors of the nation. Evidently, company logos vary from one country to another because designers’ creative styles are divergent in every nation. Although, creative minds think alike but not all logo designers think in the same manner. Each logo designer possesses a unique style of his own. That is why the logo designs within the same industry are diverse across nations.

To analyze this premise, I have compared the company logos of two distinct countries…US and French company logos. Below are 20 counterpart logos of the two nations from 10 different industries.

US Company Logos France Company Logos

Airline Logos

Access Air   Air Méditerranée 


Automobile Logos

Tesla Motors   Citroen

Bank Logos

Bank of America   BNP Paribas

Footwear Logos

Crocs   Airness

Beer Logos

Miller Lite   Kronenbourg Brewery

Cosmetic Logos

Aveda   Peggy Sage

Confectionary Logos

Great American Bagel Bakery   Délifrance

Insurance Logos

Bouchard_Insurance   Generali L’Equité

Software Developer Logos

Acclaim   Adeline Software International

Real Estate Logos

RE/MAX   Neufetancien
Which company logos do you think stand out? Are the US company logos more sober or the French company logos seem to be more dominating?