Top 6 Small Business Suggestions to capture the year 2009



“A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity but an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty”

That’s the spirit we all need to have to survive in such threatening circumstances bought in by Recession. With the increase in downsizing trends, more and more people are laid off from their jobs, making survival more difficult.

In such situation we have two paths to follow: either look for a new job or start a small business. Personally I think, following the former choice will continue our insecurity and won’t lead us anyway.

So, gather some courage and opt to have a small business of your own. Well, I am not asking you to jump in the pool without any research and guidance.
Therefore, I list top 10 suggestions to consider while deciding to start with a new small business.

  • Do-It-Yourself Business:

  • Try some low budget DYI businesses. You can provide people with products/ services that allow them to DYI something; such as home cleaning products. This will surely make more clients come to you to buy cheap products and do their tasks themselves.

  • Energy saving business:

  • Energy saving businesses are predicted to be on roll for this year. Any business with products/services on energy cost-cutting systems can make you a hit. Producing or distributing LED lightings will be the right business this year.

  • Online business:

  • Although before the recession, the concept of Online Business was getting its fame but now it has become the most easy and successful way to earn. With $50 (a domain name + affordable web hosting fee) you can start a small online business and head towards a lucrative business.

  • Cheap / recycled product business:

  • “Turning trash into cash” type of business is very, very lucrative this year. With the increase in material and production costs, making use of ‘useless’ materials and create something out of them will proved to be a thriving business.

  • Home Based Business:

  • With the ever available internet, don’t under estimate your talent and skills. Working from home, will not only be economical but also give you a chance to try two your skills in different fields.

  • Mobile Business:

  • Location independent business owners seem to have a bright scope rather than entrepreneurs sitting in one room of the same city. IPhone and MacBook Air now enable you to run your business wherever you are.

This is a short list which I figure out to be workable and successful for small business owners for the year 2009. Do you have more suggestions to add to it? If so, go ahead…we all need to help each other to survive this critical period of Recession.

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