Small Business Owners should have a corporate logo : The Smart “WHYS”

        Whenever we talk about the importance of corporate logos, some top brand logos click our mind. This makes us believe that that only top brand should have a logo…which is utterly a wrong concept.  I believe ALL businesses should have a logo, regardless of its size, as you only have few seconds to grab a customer’s attention.

Anyhow, the title in itself is a confident statement; I am just here to tell “WHY” small business owners should have a professionally designed logo.

1 ) To look "bigger" and "established": No matter which field you belong to…your image should be imposing and stable. Either you are a small business owner or an established entrepreneur; we all need to have a strong corporate identity which can be only earned by a perfect logo.
2 ) To increase your sales: If you present a well-rounded business package that includes marketing materials and graphics, your business will look more complete.
3 ) To attract more clients. Some clients look for a well-defined company, and your first impact help them making a purchasing decision. 
4 ) To brand yourself: If you are a consultant, you need a logo in order to build an image and a brand that is greater than your individual identity. Be sure to avoid some common branding mistakes.
5 ) To convey that you are reputable: A logo and professionally-printed materials show that you are committed to both your business and to your clients. 
6 ) To win clients trust. You may not have been in business "since 1908," but if you have
invested in your identity, you are more likely to remain firm and relevant in the eyes of your customers. It goes a long way toward building that all-important "trust." 
7 ) To differentiate you from your competitors: A well-designed logo can have many subtle meanings and can begin to tell the story of how you do business, including the special practices that make you stand apart from the competition. 
8 ) To explain your line of business: If your business is nontraditional or in a hard-to-explain industry, a logo can help to clarify exactly what it is that you do. 
So its all simple and clear…if you want to achieve the above mentioned targets and want to be among successful business owners, you have to get a professional corporate logo.

Building a strong corporate identity is no easy task but a captivating logo can surely help you reach the skies.


3 Responses to “Small Business Owners should have a corporate logo : The Smart “WHYS””

  • Jaynine says:

    Great post. I agree that a logo is a must for all business owners. It only takes 15 seconds for someone to develop an opinion about you or your business. As stated in the article your logo will help you look bigger than you may actually be. It will show that you are a professional and that your business is a true business and not a hobby.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Jaynine Howard, USMC (Ret), PhD (ABD)
    Business Coach

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