28 Minimalist Business Cards – Simply Corporate!


For small business and corporate entities, branding is essential for long-term business survival. Each component of the branding and promotion phase is equally vital which include corporate logos, business cards, flyers, advertisements etc. In order to gain recognition and remembrance of customers, business cards are employed which tell the clientele about your company.

Since we are living in the age of branding and tough competition, it is hard to get your small business noticed among the masses. Therefore, to make your corporate business cards stand out from the crowd, you have to be creative, objective and precise with its design. One of the simplest yet effective techniques of accomplishing this is through minimalism. By keeping your business cards minimal in design, you can make your customers remember your business with ease and success.

For inspirational purpose, here are 28 creative business cards that employ minimalism in them. You will also get to learn how to say more using less design elements.


Sean M. Kinney




Ruben Alvarez




Purple Carrot






The Runway


Steven Whitely






David Boni


That Kate Creates


Ploc Media


Joe Liao CZ


Michael Blank


Business Card Bird




Designer’s Design


Steel Metal Business Card


Soho Cafe & Bakery


Boyle Design Group




adam morris


chef boulder


fifth floor gallery


Vanilla Smiles


IPhone Monster


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