Hidden Secrets of Corporate Logos – It’s fun to find them!


Usually clients ignore the clever concept behind a logo design and get annoyed paying for a simple logo without any frilly decorations. I would like to add to their knowledge that creative way of giving your message through an intelligent logo should never be underestimated.

If you look at some of the famous corporate logos, you will find them to be simple yet famous and recognizable.
Therefore, my friends straighten up your backs and specs, as I bring you some ingeniously unique logos with hidden message.

Let’s get started…

1: Amazon Logo

This famous logo is extremely clean and simple, with the arrow making no sense to you. But if study it carefully, it says that amazon.com has everything from a to z and it also represents the smile brought to the customer’s face.



2: SUN Logo

The SUN Microsystems logo was designed by Stanford University’s professor Vaughan Pratt, who skillfully arranged the letters “U and N” adjacent to each other forming the alphabet“S”, when seen in perpendicular direction.


9:ED Logo: Gianni Bortolotti

The designer of ED – “Elettro Domestici”, “Home Appliances” in English, changed the concept of traditional logo designing through this logo. The designer has amazingly used the negative space to demonstrate the letter “E” and “D”


4:Amnesty International 30th Anniversary

This logo was designed by Pekka Piippo from Finland, for the Amnesty International 30th Anniversary of Finnish Division. Clever multiplication of 5 fingers on 6 hands mark the occasion of 30th Anniversary occasion.


16: Body Wisdom

In this case, a logo design for a high end day spa,the hands effectively convey massage, while the proximity of the “eyes” within the owl shape created by the hands clearly say “wisdom”.



This logo is designed for a puzzle game that involves unraveling four clues. The letters C, L, U, E are arranged like a maze, to deliver an intriguing feel to it.



It is a logo for Architecture Center Of Budapest. It might seem something like a maze but if you follow the white space, the four lettered company name will become evident.


8:Logo !N3K8

It is a business and IT consulting company based in the UK. The logo explains the word “intricate”


3: Big Ten Logo

This logo clearly displays the number “11″ flanked around the letter “T” acknowledging that the conference actually has 11 teams. Big Ten has been really creative with its logo as it ties together the name with some extra information about the product



10: Lafeyette Logo:Even

If you’ve ever visited one of the famous stores in Paris – Galeries Lafayette, you will notice that it’s logo represents Paris with its joined letters “t” to form Eiffel Tower. C’est magnificique!


11:Marriage Logo

What better logo can be used to symbolize a marriage with two mirrored “R” in the middle. No frills, no shadows, still so powerful and meaningful.


12: Toblerone Logo

Yummyyy…I am loving to analyze my favorite choclate logo.You must be thinking what is there to find out as it clearly shows the Swiss Alps? It might be as Toblerone originated in Bern, Switzerland – A city whose name is rumored to mean, “City of bears”. But when you look at it again you will find  a bear in the logo. Incredibly surprising that we had it several times but never noticed it, right?


13: Piano Forest Logo

If you notice the logo closely you will observe the trees placement form the keys of a piano. An intelligent way to display two different terms, “piano and forest”, through a single logo concept.


14:NorthWest Old Logo

The logo reflected a clever way of splitting the alphabets, N and W (north west) along with a location pointed to by the red triangle in the upper left corner. The redesign lost the charm of the original.


15: Mosleep Logo

Very cleverly the designer have integrated a bed and the letter “M” in this logo. You cant miss to love it.



5:FedEx Logo

The last FedEx logo designed by Lindon Leader, is on top of my list. I am sure until now everyone must have noticed the hidden white arrow between “e” and “x” letters, symbolizing the “movement” but I find this concept irresistibly intelligent.


17: Eight Logo

This logo is too good to be ignored….it is very cleverly designed with a typeface where every letter is a variation of number 8. A smart font choice indeed.


18: Hartford Whalers

At first glance, the old Hartford Whalers logo clearly shows a whale’s tail and a green W. Look closer, though, and you’ll see that the white space forms an H, for Hartford.


20: Yoga Australia

At first glance the logo is a simple picture of a young girl doing her yoga but if you watch it carefully the body posture is creating the Australia Map.


I am sure you must have enjoyed discovering the hidden messages within these corporate logos. These examples can help you draw inspiration while conceptualizing your own logo because a clever logo helps you gain clients instant trust and confidence.

Hope you also find a logo delivering a deep message about your corporate identity.


35 Responses to “Hidden Secrets of Corporate Logos – It’s fun to find them!”

  • vinny28 says:

    This is a great post my friend, i loved the Fed-Ex logo with the arrow pointing forward. And to think most people don’t even know that there are 11 teams in the Big ten conference. The Hartford Whalers logo brings back memories for me, being a hockey fan. thanks for sharing, cheers!!!!

  • Andy says:

    The positive area of the ED Logo also resembles a plug.

  • Gary says:

    Wow, thanks for that – certainly hadn’t seen some of the secrets you mentioned.

  • Such a fine, informative post. I never paid any attention to logos but remember that even before my son was two, he found them fascinating. Then I paid attention so I could answer his questions. However, my efforts could never keep up with what he noticed without trying. A remarkable toddler, he caught all the graphic subtleties I missed.
    He grew up to be a composer of electronic music.

  • Ben Lind says:

    Wow, that’s really great! I noticed the FedEx one while driving behind a FedEx truck, but the other ones were totally new to me.

  • Fanny says:

    Some of logos are really creative. I like them so much(for example: Mosleep, Fuga and Sun microsystems)

  • Hafihz says:

    Wow! Superb post… can I reproduce this in any way on my blog? with recrediting DEFINITELY! Please email me!

  • Gary says:

    That amazon logo always makes me think of a concept ruined by an idiot CEO or marketing person who insists on adding an element (like the A to Z smile) after good design alternatives have been developed. It sucks and it’s amateurish. Leave design to designers.

  • r10t3r says:

    I had never noticed the Toblerone logo, very strange.

  • max says:

    the Tolberone bear also looks like a chubby woman eating a piece of candy… awesome

  • Joe H. says:

    In addition to containing a cleverly concealed bear in its logo, the triangular Toblerone candy bar also intentionally mimics the shape of the summit of the Matterhorn, which is in the BERner OBERland. Kind of an interlocking triple pun. Darn clever, these Swiss! Darn good chocolate, too.

  • Nicely noticed! I use the FedEx one regularly when people talk about logo design.

  • Nathan says:

    My favorite is still the VIA rail Canada logo. It makes two train tracks with the V and the A. The I is the division between the two. A simply brilliant logo.

  • RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Raiul Baztepo

  • Yoga Australia also has the map of Tasmania nicely hidden. Ask an Aussie for an explanation.
    Have a good one and thanks for the post. Nice one!
    The Baldchemist

  • Duh says:

    Hidden Secrets, you’ve got to be kidding me. You have to be so f-ing dense not to see these, I mean seriously, secrets?


  • wm1 says:

    Juliet Mae is named for Juliet and Mae, no real secrets except in their spice recipes.

  • ALANMILES says:


  • Stephie says:

    I’m taking a course for Graphic Design at my high school, and I find this very fascinating. :D Great post, thank you.

  • rachhh says:

    incredible. :)

    i never even realized most of these even though i see them all the time.

  • bongo says:

    I was amazed a few years ago to spot the mint leaf in the tic tac logo. Something I’d never noticed before.

  • Troup says:

    Quite a lot of these logos are excellent, but some of them are too clever for their own good. You need potential customers to be able to tell others what the name of the company is, if it takes a while to decipher and read then its not doing much other than showing how much time the designers had on their hands. I am looking at you, Cluenatic.

  • kathy Ryan says:

    This was so interesting to me. My daughter pointed out the arrow in the FedEx logo AND she pointed out the spoon in the word Fed of FedEx. I know the arrow was intentionally designed but what about the spoon? Do you know anything about that?

  • Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

  • Ranamaju says:

    According to me best 3 logos are..

    # NorthWest Old Logo
    # FedEx Logo
    # ED Logo


  • Cool site, love the info.

  • Excellent information thanks. Now lets take this logo data one step further. What is the real hidden message behind the “creation” i.e. the object we see. What if there is a higher intelligent message behind the creation! See my site in the Evidence Room, on how I created my company logo it may amuse you but in reality it is Truth. Now I have the creation, more information gets revealed to me gradually on the “real meaning” behind the creative!

  • Angélus says:

    I should add that the Whalers logo also contains two hockeys forming the letter H. A brilliant logo design.

  • preeti says:

    wow..seriously guys…it takes a lot of brains to create something so witty and meaningful out of something so ordinary..

  • sonu says:

    woow that was just awsome…it takes a lot of thought to come up with logos soo meaningful… thoes logo desiners are truly extra odinary!! loved it.. <3<3

  • Rebecca says:

    There is no “spoon” in the FedEx logo. The “e” and “d” are two wheels with an axle to signify the FedEx ground service. It is turning slightly to the right.

  • Alexandra Charisse Mayo says:

    its so interesting…i did not notice that arrow in that FedEx logo.

  • ouabd says:

    the I want to ask about the hidden secret of MARLBORO GOLD ( AN ARROW UP

  • Couldnt be written any better. Looking over this post jogs my memory of my old room mate! He always kept speaking about this. Let me forward this post to him. Sure he may have a very good read. Thank you sharing!

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