22 Redesigned Corporate Logos – The Good and Bad ones!!


        We all know that a redesign can do big wonders if we get it right, however in other case, results can be terrible and shaking.

Please don’t consider this post as another display of remarkable redesigned logos which you have been seeing at number of other blogs. The interesting part is that I bring you not-so-famous redesigns….hopefully, something new for you all to enjoy.

Well, you must have seen several examples of great redesigns but I bring you a combination. Following are 22 redesigned corporate logos, displaying the old and new version both. I leave it up to you all, to categorize them as …good and bad ones.

Well, after researching so much for you guys to bring these redesigns, I think I should assign some work to you all as well.

It will become really exciting if you rate these redesigns under two categories… the good ones and the bad ones.


Johnsons Baby:

Not a very obvious redesign but the new, softer look is more appealing.

Jack in the Box:

The lively and funky look of the new logo is a smart redesign option by Duffy & Partners.


The packaging and logo, both have been made bigger. Although not a bad change but old version looks better.

Pyramid Beer:

The new redesign is emphasizing more on the Pyramids but the real change has been added by new fonts.


This is a great example of a subtle redesign as the concept stays same but excuted with a modern feel.


It’s a huge brand but its revamp was not acknowledged much. However, I consider it a nice and simple change.

Detroit lions:

You all will agree that the new logo defines more details and elements while the old lions logo seemed flat and boring.

The Bahamas:

I failed to find the old logo but had the information that this is the new version. The new impressive look makes me to see the old one too :)

Direct TV:

I wouldn’t describe it as a major revamp. All seems to be the same… concept, shape and fonts.


For this logo I failed to find the old version and will really appreciate if you could find it for me. Well, let me tell the ribbons here express the speed, smooth movement and innovation.

Sierra Mist:

The old logo is also not much appreciable but the new one seems to be a real blurred blunder.

Mail Chimp:

I think the new chimp says more about the service and I think this change must have arrived long time back.


This sleek redesign is adding more reliability and personality to the brand.


The logo and packaging both have been changed for Gatorade and I remark it as an improvement. The new simplified G with a lightning bolt and bulky fonts, is delivering a positive effect.

Kraft Logo:

The Kraft logo redesigning has been criticized for all its new additional elements and customers have clearly disapproved it telling they preferred the previous, heavily type faced logo more.

Tropicana Logo:

Although Tropicana Logo was redesigned to make it look more down to earth but unfortuantely the idea failed. The iconic image of an orange with a straw, has lost its recognition in this new concept

Lays Baked:

I don’t consider it a logo redesign as it appears to be more of a packaging redesign. However the new look is much tidy and sophisticated.


The new smooth swirls are making the drink look more enjoyable and inviting for the customers. I think the new swirly look is for better.

British Telecom:

I think such elaborate redesigns present the dynamic aspect of a company. It is a far much better idea then just having a horn blowing man for a logo.


So many elements in this new logo make it appear too busy and less attractive.

Discovery Kids:

Although I am very much in love with the new Discovery Logo but at the same time “Discovery Kids Redesign” failed to attract me much. Although it’s a neat and simplified redesign but not much appealing.

Mountain Dew:

The new ‘MTN DEW’ design is part of the Pepsi re-brand but personally I did not like it at all and deny


14 Responses to “22 Redesigned Corporate Logos – The Good and Bad ones!!”

  • schpinn says:

    AppleBee’s is subtle? They changed the look of the apple, the typography, logo layout and the tagline..

  • kelli says:

    Gatorade has probably lost 300 bucks just this month (from me)…because I can’t find it…I want to see Gatorade on the bottle…not, “Be Tough”

  • Frank Lane says:

    In our opinion, Tropicana, Pepsi, Gatorade and Mountain Dew are all marketing disasters. Wait until all the numbers come in. We suspect the greatest of all of the mistakes is on Gatorade.

    We are sitting on the edge of our chairs waiting for second quarter numbers.

    Frank Lane

  • Vanessa says:

    The two Steinlagers you have there are actually 2 completely different beers, not a redesign of the logo. One is Steinlager Classic and the other is Steinlager Pure. If you want to compare the new Steinlager Classic branding you can find it here: http://www.thedieline.com/.a/6a00d8345250f069e20115703655ba970b-550wi

  • These are all pretty cool, but did you see the Mastercard makeover? Awfull!

  • Saul Lockerz says:

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  • dapas says:


  • kahkashan afrin says:

    Can anyone please tell me who redesigned the new ‘NEW LOOK’ logo?

  • Hi,this apple is really a beautiful ,I like the elegant ability and the price,hope I can have one,Lee

  • Ms U Joshi says:

    In the redesigned logos, some old ones are better than the new ones. One common factor I noticed was that the good logo/design was clearer,neater,less congested. Though I didn’t always agree with the opinions of others.

  • Ms U Joshi says:

    I prefer the old Johnson’s design. And I dont find the new one Soft. I also prefer the old BT design with the man blowing, and the old Fanta!.

  • Ms U Joshi says:

    I like the new “Direct TV” design where there is a color shading effect which is better and more pronounced.
    Ms Usha Joshi

  • Waiz says:

    Gatorade’s new logo is a disaster, when I first glanced at the image I thought the left one was NEW. I like the old one better

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