20 Fabulous Dragon Logos – A Fierce Collection!


A dragon is a mythical creature that is famous in many cutlers of the world. It is classified alongside serpents or reptile creatures. It is most familiar in Far East countries like China, Japan and Korea. These legendary creatures are considered to be strong and ferocious in nature. When employed in a logo design, a dragon implicates a cultural feeling to the identity. You must have seen many dragon style logos on Chinese and Japanese Food Restaurants. Through this, they symbolize their culture and beliefs to their customers.

For corporate logos, these legendary and mythological symbols portray a sign of richness and cultural respect. Moreover, they show a company’s strength, power and vigor. Designing oriental style logos is quite intricate job for logo designers. Not only must they incorporate the mythical symbolism, they must also associate it appropriately with the brand values of the company.

Here are 20 fabulous dragon logos that truly exhibit the culture and oriental nature of its respective companies.


Integrity Spirits




Far East Gifts


Parts Dragon

Welsh Choice


Norbert Mierzwa

Brazen Rose


Put ME

pizhou dragon garlic


Gimme Sum China Grill

Amour du dragon


Angry Dragon

The Mighty


Shanghai Dragon



Deal Dragon

Spice Dragon



Dragon v3

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