25 Creative Business Logos – Fresh Collection!!


Commercialization is rapidly increasing with new businesses evolving every now and then. With the escalating competition in the business sector, people often find it difficult to differentiate themselves from their competitors. This is where clever business logos come in handy. In order to be unique and recognized, your business logos must portray creativity that has never been witnessed before. This makes the logo attractive, appealing and eye-catching for the customers.

No matter whatever genre you are catering, the first impression is always the last impression. Especially for small business, first impressions are everything. But how can one define creative business logos? Let me explain…A logo is creative if it has the ability to mesmerize its viewer and communicate the company message in a clever and unique way. For your inspiration, here are 25 fresh business logos that display utmost creativity and resourcefulness in them:


2011 Year of Rabbit



Branding in Business

Bossa Nova Café





Chef’s Art

Empire Dentistry


Crowd Think Tank

Digital Tree





Consummate Pet

Heavy Design


Handy Andy

FatCat coffee


Illuminarty Creatives

Lunch with me


Mysore Dasara

Kitchens in Bloom


Lighthouse Stories

Tutti i fiori


Venture Network

World Wine Fest




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