7 Content Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owner


Content marketing is the current trend in marketing strategies for just about any kind of business. In order to build customer relationship and a brand identity for the business, it has to have a strong online presence.

Established brands follow a very clear-cut plan when it comes to online marketing. They pull every muscle in order to get closer to the public in general. All the key marketing products such as white papers, websites, podcasts, print and online newsletters, etc. are taken care of to reach a potential clientele for their businesses.

On the other hand, small businesses or not-so-known brands have to work on developing an online identity first. They need to create a name for themselves and extract customers from a highly competitive market. Following are some simple yet amazing strategies that can help the small business owners in nailing their branding goals effectively.


1. Secure a Cyber Home

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You get a cyber platform to reach international clientele, but you also have to make sure that you are reachable to your customers at all times. This could be done easily by arranging a brand website, blog, or a facebook/twitter fan page.


2. Reveal your essence

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Everyone has a story to tell and we are all unique in our own respect. Share who you are; your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and all that you are about with your audience. This will create a bond between you and your customers and make you look more authentic for general public.


3. Educate your Customers

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If you want brand loyalty from customers, make sure you are not being deceitful with them either. Whatever information you provide through your content should be genuine and relevant to them. The content needs to be created in the best interest of the client.


4. Study competitors targeting the same audience

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Observe the competitors and their marketing strategies. Learn from their success and failure. See if you can deliver something that your corporate rivals can’t. Find new opportunities and examples to improve your own service.


5. Go visual

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You can’t just expect the audience to memorize the word script you present on your website. What they need is a visual context to associate with the words. The brain processes an image faster than words and the visuals are likely to stay longer in a customer’s mind. Therefore, invest in producing great facebook/twitter coverphotos, banners, photos, and videos for your promotion.


6. Flaunt your style

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Be genuine when it comes to showcasing your product. Get yourself a professional graphic designer and content writer but the end product should always reflect the essence of the brand. Use themes, colors, and fonts that compliments your product, not just what you or the designer likes personally.


7. Contribute at other forums

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Guest posts are a great way of reaching newer and wider audiences. Contribute your two cents in the form of posts and comments at other blogs in order to create a fan following. Focus on building a credible name for your brand. Where you can’t sell your product, educate the buyers about the benefits of the commodity and help them become more intelligent as customers.

If you have any more tips and suggestions to share with us, let us know in the comments below.


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  • Thanks for sharing these strategies. I think businesses need to focus more on their strategy for their brand. I think, these days, there’s a greater relationship for quality and marketing than there is for quantity and marketing. Good quality content will typically prove to be much more valuable to the growth of your business. Thanks for sharing!

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