Pick the Right Color to make Successful Corporate Logos!!


The psychology of color is critical in designing any corporate logos. This can be measured by the phenomenon that we feel hungry whenever we see Pizza Hut or McDonald logo design? Although you may think that they are famous fast-food restaurants, but it is in reality the red and yellow color that initiates your hunger, even though you might not be starving.

It is a scientifically proven fact that the human brain is wired to react to every color in a unique fashion. The color effect takes place literally in an instant. Therefore, the logo designers must make sure that they don’t use the wrong elements in corporate logos. They must used in conformance to the message and theme of the company that is being represented.

Following are the effects of 5 main colors on logo designing. Read them carefully and make sure you use colors wisely in making a perfect brand identity.



  • Blue is a soothing and relaxing color that evokes a feeling of influence, elegance, victory and safety.
  • It is considered to be one of the most famous colors in logo design.
  • You will see this color widely used in medical logos and other corporate logos that define status.


Superior Interior


The Fish Garden




  • Green is a color that is tantamount to the environment and symbolizes life and renewal.
  • It is a calming and soothing color and is employed to denote a sense of healthiness and freshness.
  • These are primarily used in times when companies wish to depict themselves as an eco-friendly entity.


Office on Demand


Worship Team

Wooden House



  • Pink is a womanly color that brings up emotions of virtue, purity and fragility.
  • It is usually employed to attract the women target audience, but also has a soft effect on the male audience as well.
  • It is extensively used in spa logos, healthcare and breast cancer awareness.

Web Girls

Baker Case


Avenue Salon



  • Red is a strong, powerful and intense color.
  • It is used to evoke extreme emotions such as love, passion, strength and warfare.
  • It holds the quality of inducing the human appetite.

Safe Fire



Sprint Fox

Site Sec



  • Yellow is synonymous to red, and can emit conflicting connotations.
  • It represents joy, happiness as well as cautiousness and cowardice.
  • It is used in fast food restaurant logos as well as danger signs on the roads.

Art Fire

Yellow Moon


Eleventh Hour



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