22 Amazing Black and White Logos-You gonna love it!

Through my years working in the graphic design field, I believe a logo is the major branding element which can boost or conclude the market value of any business. To stand out in the market place we willingly spend loads of money to get a sensible logo designed which is unique but easy to see and understand at the same time.

I believe logos in their purest form are a treat for eyes but many people get hung up on the colors. If your logo works in black and white, just know that you’ve got the beginnings of a good corporate identity.

Although I agree that colors add recognition and personality to the logo but I think black and white logos are no less in helping you achieve strong corporate identity. I bring you some of the most creative logos which will surely tempt you to get a black and white logo designed for your business.



fashionaussie time

Upside Down

Ghost work

upsidedown ghostwork_marketing_logo2


You Photography

shoprest you_photography_logo

Horror Films


horror-films curious

Handmade Pictures

Invisible Agents

handmade-pictures invisible-agents


Mini Masterpiece

octave mini_masterpieces


Russian Federation

rosenbaltfrascielio russianfederation_150

Spoiled Rotten

JCK – Landscaping

spoiled_rotten_logo jck-landscaping

Ashley – The Music

Piano Forest

ashley-the-music piano-forest



PixSkull time



By the way guys, how many of you think that a colorful logo leaves a better impact on customers than a dull black and white logo. If you favor this opinion do write in to give reasons.

Let’s see who succeeds to prove his point ;)


18 Responses to “22 Amazing Black and White Logos-You gonna love it!”

  • Sara Sentor says:

    Good collection. I personally feel black & white logos are timeless beauty, colors definitely have visual appeal but sometimes a design is depicted more clearly in black & white than colored.

  • Great collection!! I agree, b&w logos are amazing. I prefer b&w photography as well. I think that particular choice of color, or lack thereof I should say, places more focus/emphasis on the message within the image.

  • Great collection..I like minimalist logos like this.

  • Ben Kahans says:

    Great collection, witty and delivering a message = thanks for sharing

  • Manz says:

    I thought that ALL logos should first work as black & white only… I think that a corporate identity designer should always develop a logo with various applications in mind.

    I’d be interested in seeing “Mini Masterpiece” as black printing on white (rather than the reverse you’ve posted). I imagine that the pants, shirt, hair, etc would still be black. To me, it looks like this is an alternate version that would have been created for use on a dark background.

    On another note, a pre-press person commented on an ID of mine the other day – they loved that it was black only. That was the first time in 10 years of doing design, that any pre-press person has commented on design… so there must be truth to the power of black & white!

    And finally, do you realize that some of these you posted are strong designs due to the splash of colour in them? Isn’t this proof that colour can have an impact? “You Photography” wouldn’t be the same without the colour.

  • These are very nice. There is so much that you can do with just simple black and white. It’s nice to see them displayed. I’d like to see more!

  • admin says:

    Hi everybody and thanks for leaving your comments.

    Manz,it feels as if you are not much convinced by the beauty of black and white logos as you mentioned for the “You Photography” logo. The experience you shared says it all…there is truth to the power of black & white!

    Hi Logo Design Guru, I agree…there is lot that can be done with black and white and the results will amaze us.

    Sara Sentor, Ben and Roberta Seldon….thnks for sharing your views. Hope to see more of you all in future :)TK Care!

  • blog.corporatelogos.ws – cool sitename man)))

  • Wadrick says:

    Horror Films is cool.

  • Raja Sandhu says:


    Many thanks for posting some of my work amongst such great company.


    - Raja Sandhu

  • I added your post to my college report. Regards

  • Logon says:

    Upside Down and More are the best ones. I think b/w logo can be more efective then logo with colors.. Simple is goood..

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  • An amazing collection of black and white logos. These colors have their own unique beauty and can make great logos if used in a right way. Thanks for sharing these interesting ideas.

  • that’s a great inspiration for me as well as those newbies designers

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